We sell ready to mix marine salt!

Here at the café, we use a marine grade salt containing all the trace elements and minerals found in their natural environment. We can supply a pre-measured amount of salt for your water container.

Hermit crabs require both salt and fresh water, please make sure you always have both available .

If you follow the mixing instructions correctly, using the amount of water you have ordered for, you should end up with a specific gravity of 1.025. Anywhere between 1.021 and 1.028 is perfectly fine for Land Hermit Crabs.

To mix your salt water:

Pour the pre-measured amount into your container of water you plan on mixing in. This could be a clean water bottle, a jerrycan or any water tight container.

Agitate the salt in the water using an aquarium air pump and stone. If you do not have these available, you will be able to mix the salt in with some vigorous shaking. For best results the salt needs to be agitated and mixed for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before leaving to settle. You should not be able to see grains of salt left at the bottom of the container.

Please note that if you are using tap water instead of reverse osmosis water, you must use an aquarium safe treatment to remove the chlorine. I recommend the following, which can be found in pet shops, or aquatic shops:

Seachem Prime

Tetra Aquasafe

Reverse Osmosis water is best though, and you can find it at most aquatic shops in your area. Deionised water can be used too.

And finally, please make sure your crabs have their water changed frequently. If you are not using air stones in their pools, they will become stagnant and dirty very quickly. I usually change the water in my pools every 2-3 days in this case. If you have filters or an air stone running, you can leave it up to a week.