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Why a variety of shells is important..

When it comes to shells, the more you can offer your crabs the better! I honestly believe in following the rule of keeping at least 2-3 of she same shell size your crab is currently in alongside a 2-3 larger and 1 smaller. Remember to offer shells with different shaped openings. One crab may prefer […]

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We sell ready to mix marine salt!

Here at the cafĂ©, we use a marine grade salt containing all the trace elements and minerals found in their natural environment. We can supply a pre-measured amount of salt for your water container. Hermit crabs require both salt and fresh water, please make sure you always have both available . If you follow the […]

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Vampire Crab Enclosure

Vampire Crab Enclosures

One of our Vampire Crab enclosures. This was the first one I set up. The plants were a bit hit and miss but since I’ve upped the temps its flourished! We have had 2 lots of babies in here over time and they love the foods we’ve been making!

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