A basic care guide for hermit crabs

There are many vital parts to keeping your hermit crabs alive, it seems impossible to list them all in one place. To house your new pets, a glass aquarium is best. Please allow a minimum of 45-60 litres per crab. Crabs are best kept in groups! A lid is essential. Heating can be provided using […]

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Why a variety of shells is important..

When it comes to shells, the more you can offer your crabs the better! I honestly believe in following the rule of keeping at least 2-3 of she same shell size your crab is currently in alongside a 2-3 larger and 1 smaller. Remember to offer shells with different shaped openings. One crab may prefer […]

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We sell ready to mix marine salt!

Here at the cafĂ©, we use a marine grade salt containing all the trace elements and minerals found in their natural environment. We can supply a pre-measured amount of salt for your water container. Hermit crabs require both salt and fresh water, please make sure you always have both available . If you follow the […]

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Vampire Crab Enclosure

Vampire Crab Enclosures

One of our Vampire Crab enclosures. This was the first one I set up. The plants were a bit hit and miss but since I’ve upped the temps its flourished! We have had 2 lots of babies in here over time and they love the foods we’ve been making!

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Land Hermit Crabs – A Care Guide

Land hermit crabs need a wide variety of foods offered to them daily to ensure they are getting the correct nutrition.  Here is a chart showing their basic nutritional needs. Sources of protein include dried insects, dried fish, dried meat and some veggies. Calcium sources can be from crushed oyster, egg shell and crab exoskeleton. Fruit […]

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We are up and running again! Wahoo! Please keep your eyes peeled for a Christmas recipe!